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Tocmai ce-a trecut Ziua Copilului, iar cele 20 de iWant-uri de astăzi fac parte din ediția specială dedicată tuturor copiilor. La mulți ani, nouă!

1. These Fools Put My Cape On Backwards Bib

2.Coca Cola – Kids Edition

3. Kids Cupcake Bean Bag

4. I Just Did 9 Months on the Inside Baby Bodysuit

5.There’s a Nap For That Creeper

6.Blooming Bath Baby Seat

7.Dolphin Nail Clippers

8.Baby Giraffe Costume

9. Rabbit Ski Helmet Cover

10. Felt Animal Slippers

11.Baby Monkey Costume

12. Dress Shirt by Baby Dior

13. Mum & The Kids & Dad Pillowcases

14. Giraffe Lamp Nightlight

15.Crayon Ammo Belt

16.Sheep 3D Wood Clock

17.Quackie Kids Storage

18. Kids Shower Head and Bath Toy

19.Princess Duvet

20. Sleeping Bag

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