cateva lucruri despre fete – english part :))

tot pe acelasi site prea tare gasesc ceva chestii despre fete :

A girl is a human who is usually quite sexy or fat, well suited to live.

They also seem to have mounds of fatty tissue on their chests, which men think are absolutely GLORIOUS!!!!!!!

Girls consist of at least 30% spice, which can make them extremely hot.

The rest is mostly sugar (which makes them sweet and fun to eat) although for calorie-reduced diets sucralose and xylotol may be substituted, but not aspartame, as this makes them hazardous to one’s health.

Those with diabetes are doomed to die of them (unless the diabetic has one with a sugar substitute).

When mixed with water they may be excited to a state known as wet, however this state is unstable and decays back to regular state with a half-life of 18 minutes, emitting various forms of insanity in the process, the most common being a single SEXY SEXY COZY POOL FUN MOMENT!

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